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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pinteresting and COURAGE

If 2014 is the year of courage, consider I have the courage to move across the country with no more than I'd take if I were staying in a hotel for a few weeks?  How can I let go of all the old house stuff BEFORE MOVING so I have a nice empty house to fill with things I love when I move?

For particle board TV stand in the living room.  $20 old particle board bookshelves.  17 comforters.  (Apparently we are blanket people.)  

Really, it'd be easier to say what I would TAKE with me moving.  Living room couches are nice.  Nice bookcase in the living room.  Can lose the TV stand - I would rather mount a TV in the living room.  The other issue with our living room TV is Thomas' Xbox stuff - it's really cluttery.  I think Thomas will probably have his own room with the Xbox in a new it won't always be in the living room.  But if we needed the Xbox in the living room again depending on our space, I might have to get serious about cordless options.  All Thomas' gear is cordless, but it takes some maintenance to KEEP it cordless (recharging batteries, for example.)

There needs to be a space for Sammy's and Puddin's toys that isn't directly in the living room.  All the living room REALLY needs (assuming we will never have a separate LR and den), is a TV, a couple of couches/chairs, maybe a bookcase, some end tables, maybe a coffee table (we've lived this long without one...but I really like this ottoman/coffee table), and some lamps depending on the lighting situation.

If we moved with a bed (which we want to replace ASAP), living room furniture, and kitchen necessities (and by that, I mean AMBER necessities, which includes a little more kitchen stuff than most people), we could live comfortably while saving up for our dream furnishings.  Room by room, I want a comfortable, clutter free space.  I want to feel like I'm coming into a nice hotel room, with ONLY the things I need most.  

Anyway, this is a rambling mess for only me, but I've been pinteresting to help myself remember what I want out of a home, and hopefully that will help me leave junk behind in Texas.  Anyone else using Pinterest out there?

I'm sitting in a nice hotel right now.  Do I miss ANY of the stuff in my office?  Do I miss my dressers and closets full of crappy clothes?  Do I miss my collection of 500 plastic cups from various non-reputable establishments, like Rudy's and Texas Rangers?  NO.  I am happy to have clothes to wear tomorrow, a plastic cup to drink water from, and a laptop to ramble on.  THAT'S IT.

I guess stay tuned for news about what I manage to get rid of.  If I get rid of a bookcase, can I get rid of the bookcase's contents?   etc etc etc