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Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year 3-Day Detox

I signed up for a 3-day detox from Jennifer Moore, "Holistic Health Coach and Natural Foods Chef".  You can read more about the detox plan and sign up for free here.  And you want to, because even if you don't do the detox now or ever, signing up is the only way to get the plan, and the recipes inside look amazing!  Check it out.

I'm beginning tomorrow.  The official dates were supposed to be today through Monday, but I wasn't ready to get going today.  This detox goes far beyond eating vegan meals.  Here's the list of what we aren't eating: caffeine, gluten, sugar, alcohol, and animal products.  Caffeine is going to be a REALLY tough one for me.  Last time I quit caffeine, the headaches didn't last long, but I felt like I was in a fog for a long time.  I originally planning to ignore this part of the detox, thinking it wouldn't make sense to suffer through 3 days of withdrawals only to start chugging coffee again in the end.  But, I have since decided try quitting caffeine again.  I would definitely like to get through this semester without EVER having a Monster in my hand.

Gluten is another one I don't think much about on a regular basis.  I know many people have discovered gluten sensitivities and adopted gluten-free diets they have found improved their overall health.  I have been having serious attention issues, the further I go and the harder it gets in school, and I've heard that gluten-free diets are sometimes successful in treating ADHD, and though I don't know exactly how "diagnosable" my attention issues are (and not sure I want to know), it's worth a shot.  I could say the same things about alcohol, too.  Using it more and more the harder school gets, and I can't be sure how much of my attention issues are related to that.

Cutting sugar and other sweeteners shouldn't be too big of a deal.  I won't be tempted to sweeten the coffee I'm not drinking. ;)  And no animal products is a breeze.  I'm very comfortable with that and convinced of the benefits.

But I've been yo-yo-ing on caffeine and booze for quite a while, manually revving myself up with caffeine each morning, and manually shutting myself down with alcohol many nights.  Cutting both will be the hardest part of the detox, but probably the most beneficial.  If I am serious about wanting balance in life, hopping off this yo-yo ride seems a logical move.

So here I go tomorrow!  Be sure to sign up for the detox to get your hands on those recipes.


  1. I've always been so intrigued by detoxes, but I've never tried it because in my head I'm not going to be able to do it. Pretty sorry stuff to fail myself before I even start, huh? I think having the kids and Josh to still make food for will be way too "haha I'm having gluten and sugar and you're not" in my face. I just signed up for it anyway. Maybe I'll tackle it yet!

  2. And I know you got sick, but did you re-try it and what's the verdict on one that is only three days vs. a longer one? I always pictured better benefits from a longer-ish detox. (Have you tried other detoxes in the past to compare?)