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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Spa week?!

It all started with my salad bar lunch.  I NEEDED veggies. 

"This feels so good to eat!"

"Why don't I eat like this all the time?"

"What if I could go away to a spa for a week where they fed me good, clean food and made me exercise and relax?"

"Rates starting at $4,000???  And I didn't win PowerBall last night?  Never mind!"

*googled spa week at home*

LOOK WHAT I FOUND.  This woman does her own spa weeks at home where she takes amazing care of herself:

Can I do this?!  Why not?  My last assignment is due December 13.  I DO have to work over the break, but I can sort of call the shots.  So, if I wanted to take off, say, the 14th-18th and really focus on myself, I could.

Half the fun will be imagining what the time should be like.  No TV?  No internet?  No junk food or drinking?  Music?  Reading?  Should I be alone the whole time?  Should I try to detox from caffeine?  Should I only eat raw? 

Her basic framework will be the same as mine.  A few hours a day for exercise (including long walks/hikes AND gym time), healthy food, relaxing baths.  This is the best idea I've ever had.

My goals would be to come away refreshed and refocused (I've been so burned out and lost about school/career stuff) and to sustain a reasonable amount of spa-week in my regular life (more healthy food, long walks, and wellness).

Generally, my time off is spent binging on TV, internet, beer, and junk's more escapism than sustainable rejuvenation. 

What would you do with 5 days totally focused on your wellness?

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  1. This was a great reminder for me! Even though I am retired, I have been on the go more often than not for quite a while, and I was just thinking that I needed a spa week! The key is to plan for it, and put it on your calendar just like a real appointment, so that you will not schedule anything else during that time. I'm getting my appointment book out right now!

    P.S. Good luck on your Ph.D!