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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Decluttering...part 1 of many

I'm preparing to move into a smaller space with my boyfriend.  I am serious about getting rid of crap.  I am very nearly a hoarder!  So yes, I'm airing out my dirty laundry here in public.  Come along!

A couple weeks ago, I consolidated my clothes from 2 closets into 1.  The closet I began tackling today, with a free hour between conference calls, is my "empty" closet.  I can't stop laughing that THIS is my empty closet.  Let's get real.

I focused my efforts today on bags.  I had 6 bags in this closet!  4 of them were full of stuff.  I'm hoarding bags that are in turn hoarding stuff.  UGH. 

I recently read that a good way of thinking about stuff is, imagine you have passed away...what would your stuff say about you to the people going through it?  I started with Bag #2, a canvas conference bag.  Here's what I found.

 The best thing in this bag is the oatmeal!  Apparently, I'm so afraid to waste anything that I held onto that little bit of oatmeal when I was done instead of throwing it out.  I don't want to be wasteful, but I need to get real about what I'm holding to!  The carpet cleaner attachment and winter hat can be relocated, the conference materials and mail recycled, and oatmeal trashed.  The canvas bag will be donated.

Moving on to bag #3, my trusty backpack that I took on last year's mega road trip.

What good is this stuff doing me stashed in a bag?  I'm sure I haven't even looked in here since last summer! This bag of stuff says I'm afraid to get carsick watching DVDs on the road, I'm afraid I won't be able to sleep at night (earplug and nighttime sleep aid), I'm afraid of falling asleep on the road (candy and energy pills), and I'm not very sure why I have my yearbook.  WHOA.  That's a lot of preparation for things that may never happen!  

Bag #4

This was a good bag!  But the stuff in it wasn't doing me any good in my closet.  I recycled the folders, trash, and spoon, and put the rest where it belongs.  Notice that tag...there are several in this bag, and there's another one in bag 3.  What this says about me is I buy new stuff a lot, and probably in preparation for or during travel.  Kinda dumb to keep buying up stuff.

Anyway, you get the idea!  The rest of the bags were pretty much the same...full of stuff I don't need, or stuff I can't use because it's hidden away.  I also need to downsize my bag collection.  This beach bag can't make the cut.  I love it because it's pretty and it was a gift from my boss, but it's not practical to keep it.  I also don't need so many backpacks - really, I just need one.  But my boyfriend doesn't have one, so I am keeping one for him in case we both travel somewhere we want one.  I will sell the other one, and I will keep the Ikea bags for now because they are great for moving stuff like clothes and blankets.

PS: Puddin' is really cute today.

Next task will be the rest of this closet!  Stay tuned for more life simplification. I want you to watch it happen HERE, not on Hoarders 10 years from now. ;-)