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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Grain Train: BARLEY

I am still not very adventurous when it comes to grains.  I have only had quinoa and rice, I think...I eat both pretty regularly, but I could do better.  Starting tonight, I will diversify my grain palette.

I've had this barley for at least 6 months.  I bought it to put in a salad and chickened out of making it for some reason.  Tonight, I wanted something different to accompany my New Year's Day chili, since we devoured the amazing polenta I fried to accompany it last night before even our second bowl.  I was going to do rice.  Ever since I had rice with a Creole chili recipe a few years back, I realized I'd underestimated it as a tasty, filling addition to chili.  But no...I was just saying today I wanted to try new grains!

So, I consulted the internet, rinsed the barley, and chunked (or as my boyfriend insists is correct, "chucked") 1 cup of it in the rice cooker with 2.5 cups water and some veggie bouillon.  I know your mouth must be watering.  haha

About 30-40 minutes later, it was finished!  The texture is firm, and it tastes good.  It would be perfect in a salad - go figure.  ;)

Goes great with the chili, and makes me hate myself substantially less than I did after eating that greasy fried wonderful polenta.

Barley, we will meet again.

Click here to read more about the nutritional characteristics of barley.  Yay, fiber!!  #gladmyboyfriendisgoneforafewdays


  1. Hi! Loving you blog here. I grew up eating Polenta but we were Norwegian so we called in Mush. And it was always fried for breakfast with gobs of butter and some maple syrup. Wonderful stuff. Then for years the hubby would not even consider it because it's made with yellow corn meal and that was evil in his very southern mother's kitchen. So I would make it and invite my Yankee friend over for breakfast. Then the big change in taste came over hubby and he started eating hummus and soups and thing he never liked before. So now I make Polenta and fry a little to go in our soup bowls when we have that good Minesteone soup. He still won't eat it with maple syrup, the spoil sport. We have yet to try barley but I have some in the cupboard.

  2. And that should say "loving YOUR blog here", because that sound really goofy.

  3. Welcome Paula! Please stick around. I blog mostly for myself but would be nice to have some comments. :) Glad he finally started eating it! This was my first time making it. It was actually premade in a tube, so I just sliced and fried it. Now I'm dying to make it from scratch. My boyfriend is pretty adventurous, fortunately. It went something like this:

    Him: When will the chili be ready?
    Me: It's ready now, I just need to make the polenta.
    Him: What??
    Me: Polenta. It's like cornbread. (Frankly, that's all I knew about it.)
    Him: OK.

    Eating chili.
    Him: This cornbread stuff is awesome! What's it called again?
    Me: Polenta. Pol. En. Ta.
    Him: Mmmmm

    An hour later.
    Him: What was that stuff called again?
    Me: POLENTA!

    At least he was interested. ;)

  4. Oh it's YOU Paula! Yay! I thought, "Another Paula, I wonder if she's as cool as my Paula." I suspect you are. LOL

  5. Well now I don't know which Paula I am. Not the cool one I think. I'm the one from OW with the cranky old man and the son's crazy baby mamma who is always bitching about something.But I love you blog. I don't have one but I think about it sometimes. You will have to close your comments if I get to pestering . I try not to but I love to butt into other peoples lives.

  6. Hahaha, that's MY Paula. Sorry for claiming you without permission. But you are MY Paula and I hope you stick around! I like your butting in, so feel free.