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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Detox Derailer

I went to the doctor today with bad cold symptoms and a fever that just won't quit.  She didn't think I had the flu, so I guess that's good.  She said it was some kind of upper respiratory infection and prescribed an antibiotic, but said it may or may not help.  The whole time I waited for her, I was reading a poster about how antibiotics are overprescribed for URI's, which are normally viral and won't be helped by antibiotics.  When she came back with the prescription, I said, "Would YOU take this?  You said it may or may not you think I should just wait it out?"  She said since I'd had a fever so long, she'd probably take it if it were her.

So, I got the prescription and am hoping to be well very soon.  I have no energy to cook.  Thomas made me a nice vegan meal tonight, though.  :)  Spaghetti with veggie pasta sauce, and a salad with dijon vinaigrette.  It was awesome.  

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  1. I'm with the poster, man. Too many prescriptions given for something caused by a virus. But whatev, I'm not a Dr. At first I was thinking about what I've heard about detox giving you cold-like symptoms but I'm guessing you wouldn't have a fever from it. Keep on truckin'!