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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Detox Day 1

I'll start with the good news.  The first day of the detox was full of AMAZING food.  Don't forget you have to sign up here to get the recipes.  Jennifer Moore was generous to offer the program for free, just go sign up!

Breakfast was Cinnamon Apple Oats.

Lunch was Kale Salad with Chickpeas...the best kale salad I've ever had, and probably one of the best salads period.

Dinner was Latin Grains, Beans, and Greens.

The food has been incredible.  The downside of Day 1 is that I'm having bad caffeine withdrawals.  I'm finding little spurts of energy throughout the day, but overall, feeling pretty foggy.  I haven't had to take anything for a headache though.  I wonder if tomorrow will be the day it hits me.  

I took an hour nap at about 2pm and woke up with that cold feeling in my chest and throat.  I've had cold symptoms on and off for about a month, but now a cold, dry cough.  I could be sick or it could be a detox symptom.  Who knows.  I am sure that keeping up with the detox is the right move, though.  Good, healthy food will hopefully get me right fast.  And keeping it up will hopefully KEEP me well.

Tonight, I'm drinking lots of herbal tea with lemon and watching The Biggest Loser.  I have a scale from Tony Little, and in the box was a list of weight loss tips.  Much to my surprise, there was one on there I hadn't heard before.  Limit condiments on your food, especially when eating out.  Not because of all the fat and calories in sauces and dips.  But because, without condiments, you will quickly notice the quality of the food.  How true is that?!  Watching the restaurant and fast food commercials during this show, I notice that everything is about some special sauce or seasoning.  Don't get me wrong, I like sauce AND seasoning!  But most of the crap at restaurants would be completely unappetizing without the condiments they put on them.  Makes me not tempted by restaurant commercials.  

Day 2 tomorrow!  Heaven help everyone at work dealing with me without caffeine.


  1. I really don't want to go no caffeine! I need my coffee in the mornings :) I am intrigued though & am going to read about this detox

  2. We are still caffeine free here. I am so glad to be done with that addiction. It does make life easier. I know that sounds silly but it's true. No more worry about where can I get a cup of coffee when we are out and about. Don't get me wrong, we still drink coffee at least twice a day, sometimes three. But it's all decaf. It does make it difficult if we go somewhere that usually only has caffeine coffee, like our kids houses. We just don't have coffee with them or we bring out own. When they visit we have two coffee makers going.
    And I have never eaten raw Kale. It looks like that is small leaves so I guess it's the new leaves that are still tender. I'll have to try a young leaf when I plant it again. We might like it.