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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Spa Week in Review

I'm nearing the end of my spa week time, and it's been a really wonderful 4.5 days here at home.  I didn't accomplish all of my spa week goals, but here is a rundown of what did and didn't work.

I DID exercise daily, hard enough that I've been sore the whole time.
I DID NOT exercise as long each day as I'd hoped.  I didn't add walks in on top of my harder workouts.

I DID eat vegan the whole time...
EXCEPT for all the freakin' candy I couldn't resist after my department's Christmas festivities.  I had probably about 10 Andes mints, 2 Lindt truffles, and 2 peanut butter cookies.  But overall, I'm VERY happy with the vegan-ness of my diet the last few days.

I DID track my nutrition on myfitnesspal...
My calorie counts were good EXCEPT for the day I binged on hummus and triscuits.  Those dill triscuits are to-die-for!  I need to stop buying them!

I DID avoid alcohol the whole time...
No buts about this one.

I DID turn off the TV...
EXCEPT for going to see the Hobbit, Red Dawn, and watching the Cowboys game Sunday.  :-/  But really, the intention behind that goal was that I wouldn't sit and watch 5 seasons of a TV show on Netflix the whole time, so OK.  And the Cowboys won!

I DID stay off Facebook...
No, that's a total lie.

I DID get a lot of cleaning done...
I even cleaned my carpets today.  And repurposed my snuggie as a tacky tree skirt.  Guess I should get rid of those halloween cobwebs from the blinds for the full Christmas effect...oops.  #shortroommates or #lazyroommates or #asunobservantasmeroommates.  ;)  Probably the latter.

I DID think up ways to maintain the diet and exercise.
Mostly, I thought back to my overplanning of grocery shopping days.  I had lists of ingredients in Excel for all my favorite meals, so when I made a grocery list, I could just copy and paste each meal from the spreadsheet.  The problem is now, I'm mostly only cooking for one, so I can't just cut/paste ingredients. I also need to scale back some of those recipes, too.

Exercise, I haven't come up with anything new.  I am making a list to put by my bedroom door, "All the things you probably did to waste 30 minutes today."  I hope that helps me decide to spend 30 minutes doing something VERY useful.  It will also help me if I keep my room clean, because then my workout space is ready to go.  But laundry just takes over!

I WILL post about what I've been eating.  It's been tasty.
BUT I won't do it now.  :)

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