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Monday, December 3, 2012

Spa Day Schedule Draft

I will edit this post as I develop my idea.

Day 1, Friday, Dec 14.  Mostly a prep day
Buy groceries
Take roommate to airport
Get a haircut
Evening: long walk, spa dinner, cleaning, hot bath

Need: cleaning supplies, food, fun bath stuff, and candles

Days 2-5:
Breakfast (8ish?) - tea and fresh juice (I have a recipe favorite had beet, carrot, apple, celery, and parsley.  I also loooooved one that was pineapple and ginger, and I drank it with club soda as a treat)

Gym: 10-12pm.  Will take a class combined with some cardio, like biking or elliptical at an easy pace.  Need to bring a snack and headphones.  That juice isn't going to cut it.

Lunch: 12:30-1:30.  Something fresh, and some tea.  Eaten at the table, which is sadly rare for me!

Afternoon: Music and cleaning.  Long walk.

Dinner: Something cooked, and some tea.  At the table!

Evening: Cleaning (yeah right, I'll be exhausted!), reading, writing, relaxing bath, bed.

Notes: might swap gym and walk if the exercise classes I want are in the afternoon, or if I find a cool daytime place to hike.

The evening might start looking sort of boring, so I need to get some books ready.  I have a ton.  Maybe it's finally time to get going on the Wheel of Time series!  Or maybe I WILL keep cleaning.

Need to plan menu.

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